Friday, October 1, 2010


Trevor was offered a pretty cool job opportunity in Utah so we prayed about it and felt like moving was the right thing to do. So far the Lord has been right... but isn't he always. Its really beautiful and my one of 3 neighbors is really nice. We even had a deer in our back yard yesterday morning! The drive was really long but Eleanor did really well considering. Now its time to unpack and organize... which means IKEA here I come! =) I have the bulk of it done but there are still some boxes and some rearranging to do. Its only been less then a week but I like it here and I think our family will be really happy here. I get to stay home for now and raise our baby. She is amazing!! I can't help but feel blessed and feel the spirit when I am near her! I will post more pictures and info about all our going ons.