Monday, November 14, 2011

Its been too long!

I realize that its almost Thanksgiving and the last post I did was Thanksgiving... That is a little bit pathetic! A lot has happened since then. There has been an endless supply of crafts that I have made and yummy dinners that have been cooked that are very much blog worthy. Not to mention the milestones that have been reached by our little Eleanor.
Eleanor is a big girl now. Shes knows more words then I can count and talks all the time. We are always reading and learning new things together. She loves to do her "make make" (make up) with mommy. I can't keep her cloths in her dresser cause she like to try them on everyday. She knows all of her body parts and every animal sound we throw at her.

I have been slowly remaking my cloths. If you can't buy new re-do! I made a Halloween wreath and Trick or Treat blocks. I also made Eleanor and Trevor's Halloween costumes. I made mine a couple years ago.

Now that we are a bit more up to speed I will try my best to make this a blog worth reading with all my crafty, cooking, fun loving times!

Monday, May 30, 2011


We had our feast at Grandma and Pompas house. It was amazing and we had more pies then we knew what to do with. We drove down to Hurricane Utah for dinner with the whole family! There were over 50 relatives there. We haven't gone in a long time and it was really awesome to see everyone. =)

Pumpkin Picking Time

We went to the local pumpkin patch and picked our own pumpkins! It was really fun. We carved them up and put them out... and no one smashed them. I got a little crafty and made some really fun Pumpkins out of mason jars, tissue paper, and modge podge too!

Halloween time!!

Happy Halloween everyone! I spent forever making Eleanor's Flower costume and I think I turned out oh soo fun! I was a gardener and Trevor was well Trevor. We went to the ward party which was amazing! There were so many people there and the food was wonderful. The had Haunted maze in an old barn. We had people coming just to do the maze. We all had a great time. On Halloween night we just spent it watching movies and handing out candy. Eleanor had fun playing in the candy bowl and had her first candy!