Monday, November 14, 2011

Its been too long!

I realize that its almost Thanksgiving and the last post I did was Thanksgiving... That is a little bit pathetic! A lot has happened since then. There has been an endless supply of crafts that I have made and yummy dinners that have been cooked that are very much blog worthy. Not to mention the milestones that have been reached by our little Eleanor.
Eleanor is a big girl now. Shes knows more words then I can count and talks all the time. We are always reading and learning new things together. She loves to do her "make make" (make up) with mommy. I can't keep her cloths in her dresser cause she like to try them on everyday. She knows all of her body parts and every animal sound we throw at her.

I have been slowly remaking my cloths. If you can't buy new re-do! I made a Halloween wreath and Trick or Treat blocks. I also made Eleanor and Trevor's Halloween costumes. I made mine a couple years ago.

Now that we are a bit more up to speed I will try my best to make this a blog worth reading with all my crafty, cooking, fun loving times!